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Pre-Boston Weymouth Settlement

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Before Boston, there was a Massachusetts settlement called Gorges Colony. It was slightly south of Boston and really never developed into anything more than a small, failed village. In fact, it was placed right on top of the remains of the Wessagusset Colony, which was also a failed attempt at colonizing the region. Sure, Miles Standish had a memorable, and small, battle with the local natives there, but there seemed to be little reason to attempt another colony in the same spot. Nonetheless, Robert Gorges did.

It all began back in 1614, when the founder of Jamestown, Captain John Smith, visited Massachusetts and decided to promote it to other Europeans. This led to further visits, the Plymouth Colony and Gorges Colony on what was left of the Wessagusset Colony just a few years later. Robert Gorges came from Weymouth, Dorset to colonize this piece of land in Massachusetts in 1623. He became Governor General of New England around the same time and abandoned his colony within a few months of founding it.

Only one lasting thing came of Robert Gorges' attempted colony in Massachusetts. He named it Weymouth after the British town from whence he came. The colony he attempted to start may not have lasted, but the name did.