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Pre and Post Tan Tips from Spray-Tanner to the Stars, Jimmy Coco

Hey Jimmy! What's in your bag?
Hey Jimmy! What's in your bag?

If you've ever watched an award show, the Victoria's Secret fashion show or opened up a magazine you've seen Jimmy Coco's work. Jimmy has tanned the cream of the crop in Hollywood for their biggest events. His skilled technique and attention to detail makes his spray tans look incredibly natural, so it's not wonder celebs are constantly calling for Jimmy.

Spray tanning is a safe alternative to standard sun bathing or those dreaded tanning beds. A spray tan will give you almost instant results and last up to 7-10 days with proper care. Considering it warms up in the blink of an eye in Los Angeles, you can be sure you're beach ready at a moments notice with one of Jimmy's tans.

Below are Jimmy's tips to achieving your best spray tan yet. Follow his tips pre and post glow and you'll be ready to "Rock The Tan" with Jimmy Coco. Hello Summer!

Pre-Tan Prep

  • Avoid oily Exfoliating Body Scrubs! Your best bet is a Loofa Sponge in the shower with hot water
  • Apply Jergens Naturals lotion to dry-skin areas (elbows, knees, etc.) only
  • Chapstick to protect your lips for absorbing any color
  • Sole-O's Strapless Sandals to protect bottom of feel from standing in over-spray

Post-Tan Maintenance

  • Shower with a mild shower gel daily to keep your skin hydrated
  • Avoid skin renewing soaps as they can break-down your tan
  • Coco-butter or Jergens Naturals moisturizing lotion is great to keep your skin hydrated and your tan looking beautiful
  • Jergens Gradual Tanning Lotion can be applied three days after application to recharge your tan

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