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PrayMates by Kenedi Treasure launched at Draya Michelle event

The Bishop sisters, faces behind the Kenedi Treasure brand launch their Pray Mates t-shirts at Draya Michelle event.
Reign Fall Media

(Los Angeles, California)… The sisters behind Atlanta and Detroit's major teen celebrity parties have officially launched their newest product, PrayMates t-shirts. The trendy shirts provide inspirational and bold announcements for gospel girls who are not afraid to share their faith.

Kenedi and Treasure Bishop already have their cosmetic brand and introduced this latest item at the recent Network to Networth event, hosted by Basketball Wives star Draya Michelle in Los Angeles.

In addition to being the youngest attendees at the women’s only event, the 17 and 18 year-old sisters took the opportunity to dish about what inspires them in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Their teen parties have featured the likes of Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore, Torion Sellers, Alix Lapri and are well received in their hometowns of Atlanta and Detroit.

“We received so many compliments on the slogans we carry and on our personal story we shared with the women,” said Treasure. “It was a wonderful experience and proved that women can uplift each other and work together, which is something my dad ensures my sister and I know how to do as we run our companies. We were very blessed to have been given the opportunity and Draya was kind enough to pull us aside and share her thoughts with us.”

“Draya is real cool and down to earth,” added Kenedi. “I enjoyed every part of the event and when we have our next major business meeting there are certain things we took from there that we will be adopting in our own offices. But it was really good to see all the women with their businesses and products and all that stuff.”

The sisters’ trip to Los Angeles didn’t allow much time for pleasure as they admitted to spending most of their time away from the event focusing on the next phase of Pray Mates.
“We’ve just finished casting models for our campaign, processing orders, confirming retailers and keeping up with a lot of demands,” they said. “Plus there is softball practice, college credits, part time jobs, chores at home and just trying to be regular teens balancing a growing business. It’s a tough job, but we are making it happen.”
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