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Praying Psalm 25:10-11

His mercies are ever renewing us.
His mercies are ever renewing us.
By KENPEI, GFDL,Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.1 Japan License

To pray Psalm 25, verses 10-11, is to acknowledge the special graces God gives those who seek to walk in his paths.

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful
toward those who keep the demands covenant.

For the sake of your name, Lord,
forgive my iniquity, though it is great.

It's not so much that our loving Father deliberately blesses some and punishes others. It's more that God's Spirit is a comfort to those who seek his face, while those who insist on taking the path God warns against stumble alone in a stark spiritual environment.

In the book, "At the Back of the North Wind," by George MacDonald, the North Wind paid a visit to a boy named Diamond. As she blew about him, he shivered. She invited him to go with her. He was afraid.

"Will you go with me now, you little Diamond? I am sorry I was forced to be so rough with you," said the lady.

"I will; yes, I will," answered Diamond, holding out both his arms. "But," he added, dropping them, "how shall I get my clothes? They are in mother's room, and the door is locked."

"Oh, never mind your clothes. You will not be cold. I shall take care of that. Nobody is cold with the north wind."

"I thought everybody was," said Diamond.

"That is a great mistake. Most people make it, however. They are cold because they are not with the north wind, but without it."

You see, it is not those who ride the North Wind's back who shiver, but those who face it in defiance!

Thank you, Lord, that your paths are mercy and truth if we follow you! Thank you for being so forgiving when we stumble! Thank you for giving our hearts shelter.

"At the Back of the North Wind" is available to read online on Christian Classics Ethereal Library. MacDonald's writing are richly nourishing & deeply rooted in truth.

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