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Praying Seahawks and Super Bowl 2014

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As millions of Americans watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, a fair amount of praying will be going on with the Seattle Seahawks and their coach, Karl Payne. Prayer and Bible study are not just a one shot deal for these men, but a way of life. They have committed themselves to studying the Bible with each other on Friday afternoons and praying. This is what prayer is all about--praying consistently and in every situation God puts you in and gives you opportunity to spread the "good news" (gospel) of His love for us.

Though atheists think this is just foolishness and decry the role of God in the NFL, these men and especially their coach take prayer and Bible study seriously. Not only do they pray just on Fridays, but also chaplains and pastors from nearby churches pray for them--not only to win the game, but to give God the glory no matter what. Who hasn't seen a player point to the heavens after making an amazing catch or touch down? But is that what giving glory to God is all about? It's only a tip of the iceberg as they say, because what you don't see is the prayer during practice and in the locker room. The idea of prayer is embedded in the NFL and that's why its evident on the field. Many teams have chaplains who travel with them, lead services and help with all types of situations that need wisdom and prayer.

While football fans might say a quick prayer for their team to win, which is not what prayer is intended for, the Seahawks and other teams have laid a foundation of prayer and a relationship with God. You can watch a great video about their faith @ Making of a Champion. The atheists can poke fun at them as much as they want with their billboard messages, but their moment of fame will fade quickly, while the earnest prayers of the players, pastors, chaplains and coaches will last an eternity.