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Praying for our adult children

Graduation Day! Praying for our adult children!
Cherie Nicholson

When our children were younger, it was so easy to pray for and with them. We knelt beside their beds with them or waited until they were asleep and then spoke silent prayers over them.

Maybe we made a habit of praying with them and as children they knew that the last thing they did before going to bed was to pray. Either by our instruction or their own prompting "Mom I'm tired... let's go to bed", we would walk them to their bedroom and both of us knew our part; we both knelt down and prayed.

And we knew after the prayer we could go to bed (even if we shared the same bed because of finances) and sleep. And when we awoke, our first thoughts were of; wishing our little ones a good morning and then moving on to preparing them breakfast.

But things change as our children grow up - and as they do, our prayers change too. As they go off to college, whether it is locally, across the state or across the nation, we have to adjust. Because often, they aren't kneeling down to pray with us anymore.

So we pray more fervently than we ever have. We pray differently than we have before. Yes, we still have the same prayers we prayed from their birth; health, safety, kindness toward others, a spouse that God has chosen for them.

But we know that as we pray, without them under our roof, these prayers are much more urgent. We know when we awake they will not be there - they are, after all, adults - who need our continued prayers.

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