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Prayer request

The following prayer request came in last week, and I have agonized over it and I know a lot of you will as well. I have eliminated the names from the request for the purposes of privacy.

Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law  and their beautiful children . She is 3 months pregnant with their fourth child, and the ultra sound yesterday confirmed anencephaly...a condition where the frontal brain and skull has not and will not form. My son tells me that, per the doctor's recommendations, (because this child will not live more than a few hours even if full term), they have scheduled an abortion for next week. Greg and I are sick over this, and our hearts are aching for them. Please pray for God's intervention.

Some however, may ask the valid question, "Why is this an issue to pray about, isn't the child going to die anyway?" The answer to that is maybe. Not because anencephaly is not terminal, but because Doctors do make mistakes and God is still working miracles. Even if He chooses to not intervene in this child's situation, He will use it to reach and minister to this family and their friends and acquaintences. A child's life, even one as tragically affected as this one's is still a life; an innocent and loving life that deserves the opportunity to see the light of day, even if only for a brief time.


  • pastor Thieringo 4 years ago

    prayer request :
    protection miracles and healing in pastor Thieringo's life in Jesus Name .

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