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Prayer is a matter of the heart: Dating

Cosplay girl, Tokyo, Japan by Photographer : John A Finnis.
Cosplay girl, Tokyo, Japan by Photographer : John A Finnis.

My son, who is now 16, is a wonderful young man of God but lacks direction of any kind. He has a heart of gold and loves God to the point of his understanding. When a young lady comes into the picture, however, the son that I know and love becomes this other person who frightens me.

Yesterday wasn’t the first experience my husband and I have had with “the girlfriend thing,” by any means. No, my handsome, outgoing son stands at over six feet tall and is all disarming blue eyes and smile. A teenage girl’s dream. He’s not a “charmer” either. No, my son is the real deal. He is genuinely tender-hearted, kind, loving and whatever other mushy adjectives the mind may conjure when thinking of Prince Charming. The thought of causing anyone pain hurts him to the point that he seriously hesitates in doing things that are sometimes necessary. Much to this mother’s chagrin, he would rather be hurt than to inflict it.

Going back to yesterday, my husband and I were meeting his new girlfriend at youth group last night. We had seen her previously at a youth function but weren’t granted permission to officially meet her until last night. She pulled up into the parking lot of the church and I walked out of the building to greet her and introduce myself and officially meet her. My son had told me that she’s “weird like you Momma,” which I assume was intended to be some sort of ice breaker for me to her. I found her to be much as I remembered her from the previous youth function, pretty, shy, staying close by my son’s side.

As the evening wore on, I found myself growing more and more angry. Sunday night at our church is specifically geared toward the youth during the summer. There were a few adults there last night, but a few dozen youth engaging in various types of fellowship. My son loves this time at church. We have an ideal place for skateboarders and BMX bikers to go and practice or show off their talents around our church property and my son is generally right there in the thick of it.

Last night did not turn out the way that he and I had hoped it would. He begged me to go so I could officially meet his girlfriend. Not that I don’t enjoy church anyway, but since summer is geared toward the youth, I generally don’t attend on Sunday evening. Fully expecting to have my mind blown by the new girlfriend and at my son’s earnest request, I went. Unfortunately my hopes far exceeded what actually happened, until God spoke.


  • Karen Malone 5 years ago

    Is that how it ends? I want to read the rest of it??

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