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“Pray!” (Psalm 122:6)

“Pray!” (Psalm 122:6)
“Pray!” (Psalm 122:6)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

“May those who love you be secure.” Psalm 122:6

Stressful situations are occurring daily around the world. War, famine, etc., are effecting millions. People are in need of hope and comfort. Others may help them alleviate their burdens and suffering to give them comforting support. Efforts are made to strengthen them and help them get stronger.

God says that prayer is a tool to help others. Prayer is powerful because God is the most powerful One. It comforts others to know that they are being supported by prayers from family, friends, and even strangers. The conversation with God is to tell Him of the specific needs and for His intervention. God is able to do more because He is everywhere at all times. He knows more about the situation and is able to give the best solution. He can be trusted to do what is best. His character is for justice, righteousness, and love.

Prayer is a weapon of love. It should be used when you see a need or even another person’s righteous desire. God is able to step in and help. He answers the believers when they call on Him in the name of His only Son, Jesus. God provides deliverance both physically and spiritually. He is able to accomplish more than human help. He brings a resolution that work toward a higher purpose. The highest purpose one can attach to prayer is salvation for the souls or people.

Believer, are you praying regularly and consistent? Your prayers mean so much to others and especially to God. The Holy Spirit helps when the expression of words are few and knows how to pray God’s will. Prayer is for all believers and is strongly encouraged by the Holy Bible. It is more of a command to obey. Allow the comforting and support of prayer to be a blessing flowing from your heart to God. He will supply the need.