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Pray like never before

It’s never too late to pray and although you might have missed praying with the nation yesterday at 12:00 Noon when our country symbolically came together to pray for our nation, you should still take some time and say a prayer.

National Day of Prayer 2014
National Day of Prayer

This is absolutely a wonderful thing for our nation to come together and pray.

After all, contrary to popular belief as I have previously stated, America is a Christian and Godly nation and as such we should be praying together to God for guidance, strength, wisdom and protection of our country.

Having led and participated in these events in the past, I can certainly testify to the fact that these events are made up of people of every background, ethnicity, religion and political affiliation. The National Day of Prayer events from past years that I have participated in have never refused anyone to pray or symbolize their belief; it is truly a beautiful thing to watch America at prayer.

This year’s theme was “One Voice, United in Prayer”. It sounds great if only it were true.

This article is not meant to condemn or judge in any way but as much as we want our nation to be “One Voice, United in Prayer”, it simply isn't.

The symbolism is there for sure.

The President, national leaders and clergy come together and all sorts of prayers are offered asking God for guidance and protection as well as mercy and forgiveness for our mistakes.

Again it is a beautiful thing.

The reality is however; our nation has never been more divided.

Most politicians (from both parties), political pundits and religious leaders alike agree that America has not seen the likes of such division since before the Civil War.

At the same time the world is in utter confusion and turmoil.

As the United States attempts to continue its troop reduction in Afghanistan, more Americans and Afghans continue to die with what seems to be no end in sight.

Russia is attempting to reclaim old Soviet held territory and all of Asia is a hot spot of conflict brewing and ready to ignite.

All the while the entire continents of Africa and South America are cauldrons of turmoil ripe for war.

So yes, America needs to unite as one voice and pray but not just on one specified day a year and not just in a symbolic gesture to acknowledge that we are a nation that puts our trust in God.

We must pray constantly and we must pray as never before.

Regardless of what you believe about prayer, your prayer won’t hurt, doesn't take long (unless you want it too) and you, our nation and the world will be better for it.

Keep praying America, God isn't finished with us yet.

© 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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