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Pray for the persecuted church during Ramadan

Indonesian Muslims
Indonesian Muslims
Photo by Oscar Siagian/Getty Images

Ramadan is a religious tradition of Muslim believers, which is celebrated this year starting today, June 28th until July 27th. Muslims around the world fast during daylight hours and refrain from other activities. Fasting during Ramadan is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Along with refraining from food and drink, prayers are often offered to Allah as well as reading from the Koran, their holy book.

Ramadan can also be a time of heightened persecution for Christians, as Muslims focus on Allah and the tenants of their faith, which for some includes purging their land of infidels, especially those who have converted to Christianity. Many severe forms of persecution are found within Muslim countries, such as beatings, brutal punishment, imprisonment, loss of jobs and ultimately life. Muslims who have converted to Christianity face the death sentence if they do not recant their Christian faith.

Following the story of Miriam Ibrahim, the situation has improved as she was released on June 24th due to the unprecedented international pressure. Her death sentence was cancelled and all charges dropped, however she has not been able to leave the country. She is now charged with two new criminal charges, and is facing death threats from her own family. Prayers for her, her husband and children are still needed, as well as prayer for other Muslim Background Believers.

Open Doors, which aids the persecuted church, has published a Special Edition of their bulletin, “Prayer Force Alert,” which outlines daily prayers for these persecuted brothers and sisters living in Muslim countries during Ramadan. Each day focuses on a fruit of the Spirit that MBBS (Muslim Background Believers) would do well to acquire during this most difficult time. Day One starts with the challenge of being filled with Love so that the spirit of Christ can shine though them. Day two focuses on joy, Day three, Peace. Short prayers are included as well. You can obtain a bulletin by visiting their web-site. You can also read about the situation in countries around the world, such as a young women whose husband was just killed for his faith. In addition you can learn how you can help send Bible to persecuted countries if you are so inclined. Most importantly, continue to pray.