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Pray for the Cyrus family

Miley Cyrus, once known as Hannah Montana to millions of adoring children and parents, has done just about everything she can legally do to erase her wholesome clean image from your mind in order to replace it with dirty new images that make you feel like you need to wash your eyes out with soap.

It seems she has decided to show her family, her friends, and the world that she is not young, cute, and adorable, she is exactly the opposite ... she is whoreishly sexy, provocative, and as adult as she wants to be.

Miley is raunchy. Miley is not a Christian. Miley is not what her dad wants her to be. Miley is her own woman. Miley is applauded. Miley is in control. Miley, Miley, Miley!!!

And therein lies the problem.

Miley is self-obsessed, self-centered, and lacking self-control. And she has found a vehicle to accommodate her selfish soul, valet parking her into the homes of millions for all to witness the apparent self-destruction.

Unless she woke up with a light-bulb full of regret, it is safe to say that she believes her "adult" behavior is A-okay ... because it's self-gratifying and it pays big bucks which allows her to prove to all her self-worth. Yes, she's sold herself, because she loves herself, and she hates who she was, or who people thought she was, when it wasn't her, it was a character she played on TV ... or was it?

All too often we have a difficult time separating ourselves from our jobs. "So ... what do you do?" we always ask someone we've never met before. As if "what they do" is who they are and what seems to matter the most.

When you're famous and people already know who you are and what you do then the conversation fast forwards to accolades and autographs. Pictures and praises. Bragging and brown-nosing.

Poor Miley.

What little bit I saw online from the Video Music Awards left me disgusted and feeling sorry for her. What a waste. What a mistake. Has she no shame? Doesn't she care what her parent's think?

Billy Ray, who was watching the nightly news, tweeted: "Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love ...less hate. "

However, Miley's mother Tish was there applauding from the audience.

It's difficult for us spectators to understand this situation in full; however, we know that sin is rampant, and when one parent seeks God while the other gives hearty approval to immoral behavior, the spiritual division leads to confusion which leads to poor choices and increased vulnerability.

As sad and sick as all of this is to those who seek God's kingdom and His righteousness, let it be a reminder to pray for the Cyrus family, as well as our own, and those whom we know within our personal circle of influence.

Don't be afraid to turn off the TV, turn off the music, shut off the world, to pray, to read the word of God like a grand novel, meditating on it's lessons; because this world is not our home, and friendship with the world, as well as the carnal mind, is enmity with God. (James 4:4, Romans 8:7)

Forgive us Father - for trying to please ourselves with entertainment and popularity more than dying daily to ourselves in order to lovingly serve our family, our friends, and most of all You. Forgive us. Help us to submit to your perfect plan. And help us to forgive others. Including the Cyrus family. And bless them Lord with the ability to discern right from wrong in your sight. Help them to repent and live for You, loving You, and serving You. Give Billy Ray wisdom, and strength, and courage to keep fighting the good fight of faith, in order to be the spiritual leader his family needs him to be each and every day. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Thank you for the gift of salvation. Thank you for loving us, with patience and long suffering. In the precious, holy name of Jesus - Amen.

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