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Pray for our local champions


Opening weekend for college football and already one of the top quarterbacks in the nation has been injured. Oklahoma Sooners', then ranked 3rd, starting quarterback Sam Bradford tore his AC ligament in his shoulder in their opening game against, then ranked 20th, BYU.  Check the KFOR website from Oklahoma City for more info on his injury KFOR. This injury means a lot to the Florida Gators, particularly our beloved quarterback Tim Tebow.

A quick history lesson. Last year the top 3 contenders for the Heisman trophy were Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and of course Tim Tebow. Sam Bradford won it. This year all three top contenders for the Heisman have returned; that is unprecedented. Not only have the same top 3 contenders never before returned to contend for the Heisman again, but 2 of them already have won one. Only one other player in the Heisman's 73 year old history has won the Heisman twice, and that was Archie Griffin in 1974 and 1975.

So when news of the injury came up, two strong emotions ran through me. The first was glee, the thought of one of Tebow's primary contenders being knocked out of the picture was sweet indeed (though I feel there shouldn't be much to prove there since Tebow already led the Gators to victory over Bradford's Sooners in last years BCS Championship game). Second, and more powerfully, worry. Better yet, fear. What if the same fate falls upon Tebow? Or any of our National Champions?  I always cringe at the sight of an injury at a football game; on any team, even FSU. These students play for hope. Hope that they can get a good education, hope that they can get a shot at the pros. And one messed up play can cause an injury that can ruin any hopes for a professional career. Any hopes for any kind of athletic future.

I'm sure all Gator's fans want to see Tebow win a second Heisman, but can he from the bench? And I'm sure they would want to see the Gators win another National Championship, but would it be just as sweet without Tebow at the helm? And to be honest, for Tebow to win the Heisman or a National Title he's going to need defenders to protect him, receivers to catch his passes, a defense to prevent the other team from scoring. We need an entire team kept healthy if we want to win this.

So pray for our local Champions. Don't just send up a quick prayer that they'll win before kick off. Pray for their health throughout the week's practices and preparations. A few years ago our UF Basketball team went for two National Championships. During the regular season of the second championship one of the 5 Championship ring wearing starters hurt his arm in a bicycle accident on the way to class. So if you're already inclined to praying for your team to win, pray a little deeper that they'll be safe and healthy too. Or if you're inclined to save your prayers for more important things, like the spread of the Gospel, then I believe Tim Tebow would really appreciate your prayers too. As mentioned in my previous article UF: more than just winning, Tebow and other UF players are Christian and they use their platform as Champions to spread the Good News. So let's pray they continue to have that platform to speak from!

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