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Pranayama: Breathing technique to help with weight loss

Use breathing techniques to help with relaxation and weight loss
Use breathing techniques to help with relaxation and weight loss
twicepix / Foter / CC BY-SA

According to Natural News, who published a report on Feb. 7, we do not need to spend large amounts of money, actually any amounts of money, on detoxification any more. The new method is easy and free! All you are required to do is… breathe! Practicing yogic breathing techniques will aid your body not only in detoxification but in fat burning and improving metabolism as well.

Leave alone those expensive detox pills, fasting diets and cleansing techniques that hurt - let the yogis teach you how to breathe right. Pranayama (yogic breathing technique) was developed more than 5000 years ago and has been an integral part of yoga practice since. Yogis believe that the best body's cleansing, balancing and relaxing is done through breath.

When you are taking a breath right, the lymphatic system is stimulated, white blood cells multiply more rapidly, vitamins and minerals are absorbed easier and more effectively. When you breathe out, toxins are being removed from the bloodstream, which stimulates the organs revitalization and unwinds your mind.

Pranayama techniques include some really easy ones, like a few deep breaths before a meal. And of course, there are more complex practices. Try to use this easy and free method of body and mind detoxification and who knows, you might never want to look back at those traditional cleansing methods!

Don't feel like learning some yoga? Not a problem at all - offers plenty of totally natural inexpensive or free methods to detoxify your body and mind.

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