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Praise God for spring and the sun-even if it is occasionally interrupted for solid moisture

Up here in the foothills, there are signs of spring. However, it is not yet time to stop looking in the morning to see if there is a bit of snow on the buds that the sun brings forth, to remind us that God still provides some of his bounty of moisture in the form of snow.

The Celts were very comfortable praising God for what the morning brought:

The eye of the Great God,

The eye of the God of glory,

The eye of the King of hosts,

The eye of the King of the living,

Pouring upon us

At each time and season,

Pouring upon us

Gently and generously.

Glory to thee,

Thou glorious sun,

Glory to thee, thou sun,

Face of the God of life.

Carmina Gadelica, III, pp. 306-7

As the sun hits our faces and we look at the dripping of melted snow off the spring buds, let us not forget that this is moving us towards spring, and Evergreen is about to become dressed in it's finest colors.

As the sun


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