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He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog and set my feet upon a rock making my steps secure.  He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.

 The word praise might conjure images of worship bands on Sunday mornings, hands raised, or introductions to prayers. Perhaps praise is something less contained, less reverent, less reserved. 

Learn from the best about praise. The best tutors in praise are right outside the window, the works of creation. The trees wistfully sway and reach up towards their maker.  Birds perpetually have songs in the air. The sun rises and sets with fireworks of color and splendor. Engage in exaltation that spills out from every pour and stretches to reach the Creator.

Be perpetual in praise. Every step leads to a reminder of God’s goodness and grace. The pillows slept on through the night, the sunlight that wakens the sleeper, the beauty that’s available everywhere to drink in. If there is darkness or trial that shrouds the beauty, let truths about God be the reminders. God is good, God is faithful, God is just, God is Saviour, God is love. Eternity is the time appropriate for the praises of God, fasten praise to every part now.   

Praise foolishly.  In the affection of a child, skip down a street, blow bubbles, pick flowers; express back to God the giddiness caused by being known, and belong to Him. The fact that He holds His children in His hand and will never let go sends the heart soaring. Before God, when we are His, all pretense can be cast to the wind.  Discover child-like faith in childish praise.

In the great mercy of Christ, He pulls those drowning to death out from the pit, and in the great grace of Christ, He allows those who, without Him, could only speak curses to pour forth praise.  God, instead of leaving praise to more worthy vessels, has instead enlisted those fallen in creation to take part in expressing His greatness. 


  • Nina Coppola 5 years ago

    You are an excellent writer! It paints every scene so clearly in my mind. I also see your love for the Lord come through in your writing. Very cool!