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Prague is a beautiful city with spectacular inspirational modern art and design

Prague is one of the most popular cities in all of Europe. It was the sixth-most visited metropolis in 2011 and is ranked on fifth on the current world list of best travel destinations by Tripadvisor. This has mostly two reasons. One is the temperate climate, but the main popularity factor is definitely the rich, over 1,100 year-old cultural heritage, which in big parts made it through the wars and destruction of the last centuries unscathed.

Praguekabinet features interior accessories, furniture and works of art, collected from the best ateliers in the Czech Republic, France, Italy & Scandinavia.
photo courtesy of Praguekabinet, used with permission

The most famous attraction include the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the historic Town Square, the Lennon Wall and of course, Josefov, also known as the Jewish Quarter. Prague has a very strong connection to the Jewish culture. It is very likely that people of Jewish faith and heritage settled in Prague and the area around the town as early as the 10th century - almost since the founding of the city. Until today, the Jewish museum in Prague is one of the most significant collections of Jewish art and religious artifacts in the world.

Art from the past and present: Not only can art lovers find over ten major museums, countless theatres, art film cinemas and other historical exhibits, there are a large number of galleries and art forums, too. Many artists found their way to Prague one way or the other. World-renowned authors, composers and painters, like Franz Kafka, Bedřich Smetana or Alfons Mucha always felt a strong pull and connecting with the city. Especially Jewish artists have chosen Prague as their base of work and source of inspiration throughout the rich (and sadly often quite tragic) city’s history. Until today, Prague contemporary art and design is strongly influenced by those great names and cultural influences. But there is more to find than local artists, since the scene and galleries have developed a wide-ranged selection of astounding art and design pieces on sale.

The Art of Arik Levy: Arik Levy is a very good example for the inspirational art, collectors and art lovers will find in Prague. Arik Levy’s art is exclusively available at Praguekabinet in the city and is surely a very rare treat for all who appreciate modern art and design. "Creation is an uncontrolled muscle", says Arik Levy himself. Born 1963 in Israel, Levy is currently living and working in Paris. He is an icon, not only known for his astounding art pieces, but also for his distinctive personality. His works include many pieces of furniture and interior accessories for world-renowned such as Baccarat, Vitra, Ligne Roset. The company Swarovski even dedicated a grand solo exhibition to him in Milan 2009. The unique mix between art and design has turned heads at the infamous forum Design Miami with his unique pieces and small limited editions. His series “Rocks and Craters” gained world-wide recognition far beyond the local art scenes. The enormous crystalline objects crafted from polished stainless steel, marble, mirror stones and wood are shaped by polygonal and even wire structures. They are the image of mysterious meteorites, a representation of the vast and endless space that surrounds our earth and have the same emotional power as the obelisks of ancient Egypt or the neolithic menhirs. Levy also scored a very prestigious a commission from the Atomium in Brussels.

The Czech Glass Art of Arik Levy and where to get it: Levy’s art is featured in large number of collections and museums, for example in the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and the famous Museum of Modern Art (New York). Lately, the sculptor turned to a new form of design, featuring more organic forms. Unique shapes and colors, made by traditional Czech glass workers are his new passion. His pieces employ the traditional silver-plating technique and were featured in the solo exhibition this year and are part of the pieces available in the small, but very exclusive gallery Praguekabinet, which can be viewed here.

The prestigious Praguekabinet has more to offer than the wonderful art from Arik Levy. The small gallery in the heart of Prague features interior accessories, furniture and works of art, collected from the best ateliers in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Scandinavia. There are many unique pieces and limited editions for sale - presented in a gallery that is a piece of art in itself – a generous mix of presentation and interior design all by itself.

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