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Practicing yoga can increase psychic abilities, author says

In Dean Radin’s book, he claims the practice of yoga can bring psychic powers.
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Thousands of people around the world practice yoga on a regular basis. They claim that doing so helps ward of physical problems, improves mental abilities and also alleviates one’s mood. Now a new benefit has come to the fore in Dean Radin’s book Supernormal: Science, Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities.

Could yoga really give you paranormal powers? Radin says when people are able to clear their minds of other problems in life and focus their full attention on yoga it is possible to “transcend their intellectual and bodily confinements,” which allows them to go into the deeper aspects of their being.

“After thousands of years of exploration, refinement, and discussion about [yoga] techniques, advanced yoga practitioners may have advanced far beyond what science is currently capable of confirming,” Radin noted.

In his book, Radin discussed the Yoga Sutras, which was written in the second century B.C. It provides he said, “a taxonomy of supernormal mental powers” that were referred to as siddhis (25 in all), as well as how one could attain them. But Radin does not ignore science in his work. He goes into what researchers have found when they tested these claims via experiments and studies.

According to Radin, there are four major superpowers including clairaudience, Psychokinesis, breatharianism and telepathy. Clairaudience means clear hearing. In the practice of yoga, it is the ability to know “the meaning of sounds produced by all beings…” seen and unseen. This is achieved he wrote, “by maintaining a meditative focus on the area behind the ear.”

Psychokinesis is the ability to influence the physical world with the mind. Radin noted an experiment that was conducted and involved 36 couples. In each case, one partner was healthy and the other was in the midst of cancer treatment. Having the healthy partner send loving thoughts to the sick one, proved to show positive results. Breatharianism is the ability of some yogis to live without eating or drinking like Prahlad Jani of India who is now in his 80’s and has had nothing since he was 11 years old.

“The implication is that the human body can transmute ambient energy into nutrients and through the practice of cultivating this ability, one can live comfortably for as long as one wishes without food,” Radin wrote.

The fourth major superpower is telepathy or the ability to communicate mentally with someone else. Radin referred to the “Ganzfeld Experiment” to show that this ability is attainable. To deprive half of the participants of any outside sensory info, they wore headphones that pumped in “pink noise” and their eyes were covered. Other participants then tried to send them an image of something.
In his own experiment in 2010, Radin asked them to send mental image of the pyramids in Egypt. The responses of those who were sensory deprived included “monolithic,” “tall” and “rough texture,” which he deemed a success.

According to traditional sources, yoga is practiced to gain better control of both the body and mind. Today, however, it is seen as a method to expand ones consciousness as well.

To learn more about how to attain such abilities through yoga, you can pick up a copy of Radin’s book via download or reading on line by going HERE.

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