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Practicing the presence

Practicing the presence is mindfulness. Mindfulness is noticing the commentary of the thinking mind and concomitant feeling of the body’s energy in the present moment. The relationship of thought to the field of present being is like the rudder on what could be called the ‘ship of life’.

The ocean of Being or sensation of life in the body is normally still and vibrant with peace. Thinking can disturb the field causing emotion or, what seem to be outer events, can cause reactions of thought and emotion that obscure the field of peace.

When peace becomes the goal of living it is rigorously practiced and felt. This is the goal of mindfulness or practice of spirituality: to continuously sense this peace at all times.

As it is rarely possible to live apart from what are definitely disturbing people and events, the practitioner of mindfulness resolves to find thought which prevents reactions and stills disturbing emotions which are caused by reactive or judgmental thinking. Remaining in the present moment is key to the practice. The presence of peace anchors the attention here and now. Only peace can come from peace.

Thinking tends to create problems out of the past and future which are not realities but projections of possibility. This is fear based thought and must be noticed before a more factual love based thought can be discovered in the field of peace in the ocean of being. Steer your ship into its home port now!

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