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Practice mindfulness while setting goals: Remaining centered

Stay grounded in what matters most to your soul while setting goals for yourSelf.
Stay grounded in what matters most to your soul while setting goals for yourSelf.
Serene Celia

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Practice mindfulness as you are setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Set your goals, not based upon what you "want," or what you will "get," but rather upon that which you seek to embody as within.

How do you wish to know yourSelf ever more deeply as expressed in this world of form?

This practice will help to keep you centered in what matters most.

This is, in part, what the practice we see in nearly all religious texts, “Giving it to God,” is all about. It serves in keeping us centered amidst the antics of the world.

“Be in this world but not of it.”

If we wish to get off of the samsaric wheel of ups and downs, we must choose to step off. Be-ing since we are alive in bodies, this means remaining at the wheel’s center. Teach yourself to move from the place as within that is in alignment with that which is the most important to you on the deepest of levels. Choose to move forward from this place and this place alone. You will know you are in alignment with this center by the bliss that becomes your minute to minute guide through the world.

You do not have to get caught up in others stories, ideas, needs, societal, cultural or familial expectations, you can choose to remain centered in the peace and knowing of your own soul; Divine Will as your sole guide.

How do you know if you are on this wheel?

You will feel harried, rushed, uncentered, stressed, dissonant, this is how you know.

Why do you choose that path? Who or what "idea" are you trying to keep up with?

Keep up with yourSelf and yourSelf alone and you will find the path is always clear. For it is in this way, that God can move through you and share the light in ways that are unique to you and you alone. We need your light! Shine baby shine!

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