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Practice "Faith at Home" in a new way this year

Many churches today are encouraging families to live and share their faith at home. Sharing faith within the family setting is a proven means of sharing this important foundation with children in a way that will endure through generations (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

Try something new this year for the Easter/Passover season!
Sarah Simon

The original Judeo-Christian spring celebration is an excellent example of a family activity which endures. Jewish homes have celebrated the Passover for millenniums. The heart of this celebration is to pass on the story of the Jewish people, and in doing so the faith to future generations. The Book of Exodus says: “Now this day will be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a permanent ordinance (Exodus 12:14).”

The heart of the Passover celebration is for the family to gather at the dinner table at home to share the story. The story is told through food, responsive readings and prayers, questions and narrative. This celebration, repeated annually is close to the heart of anyone raised in a Jewish home.

The Passover Seder was celebrated by Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, in the home with his family, and later with the twelve disciples. This celebration forms the foundation for the Eucharist or communion service in today's churches. This is the backdrop for Maundy Thursday observances.

During the Lenten and Easter season families often go to church together, and participate in different activities. These celebrations bring memories that families share because of their time in church and at meals together. But worship strictly in the church building loses some of the effectiveness of celebrations of our faith as a family at home.

Organizations like Focus on the Family, Chabad, Intentional Living with Dr. Randy Carlson, and others encourage faith to be shared at home.

An excellent tool for Christians to reach back to the ancient celebration of Passover and to tell the story of Jesus Christ can be found in the book A Christian Passover in the Jewish Tradition, now available with family member (participant) booklets in electronic format.

The Christian background for the entire celebration can be found in the book Spring: Connecting with God.

So this year, try something new! Set aside an evening to bring your family together around the supper table to celebrate in an old, but modern way and share the story of faith in a way that every member of the family will treasure.

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