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Practicality meets style in durable second hand bags produced by a fair trade co

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Bags used to carry rice and coffee made of burlap are genius in Bali and indonesia regions.
Native women in these exotic parts of the world has blessed the fashion industry, ever since, with their allegiance to green initiatives.

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A purse that is durable, vintage and eye-catching is a sure conversation starter in the arena where accessories are the main event. There is not anything better than recycled bags made from all natural plant-based resources. Propitious is our song to mother earth.

According to The Free Dictionary ,burlap is a strong, coarsely woven cloth made from fibers of jute, flax or hemp used to make bags reinforce linoleum, and in interior decoration.

These eco friendly designs are more perfect because they are built strong and built to last. One thing about burlap is that is has an distinctive smell, differ from hemp and leather and immediately makes you apart of the open market, of the daily hustle and bustle, survivors thriving in the neighborhoods of a developing country.

Burlap bags are a Super Earth Goods product which make these purses stand out from all other animal cruelty competition.

Established in 2010, Super Earth Goods is a line styled and crafted in Paradise. All of their products are made from reusable material. Truly, it is possible to repurpose truck tire tubes into classic sneakers or make $75 chukka boots from rice sacks.