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Practical Way To Motivate Your Employees #3

Lottery Tickets
Lottery Tickets

I think everyone loves the possibility that they just may hit the lottery one day. I personally am not a fan because I always either lose money or win another ticket, which in turn wins nothing. Lucky me, right? Well my next idea involves lottery tickets, a mini scavenger hunt, and cash. Here's my third practical tip for motivating your employees.

Pick a random day and buy a few one dollar scratcher lottery tickets. You can buy one or two for each employee, maybe. Leave a post-it note on the entryway door, computer screen, or time clock that reads "Hey......check under your chair". When they get to their seat, have another post-it note underneath that says "oops now check under your keyboard". When they lift the keyboard, coffee mug, or wherever you decide to hide it, they will find the lottery ticket! Attach a note that says, "you can either trade the ticket for double the face value or you can keep it and scratch away". Make any adjustments to accommodate your employees' needs. I think the fun part will be guessing which ones will play it safe and trade for the $2!