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Practical Way To Motivate Your Employees #1

Uuummmm a gift would go nicely with this!
Uuummmm a gift would go nicely with this!

It's true that employees are more productive if they feel appreciated. It is definitely necessary to d things, from time to time, that show that you care. Yes, they are being paid generously for their work. I hope. It is still a smart move to add perks to that hugs salary. This is a simple and practical way to keep them motivated. I borrowed this method from my brother who used it to motivate himself and a daily basis. Sticky notes! We all love Post-its! Leave one on your employees computer or desk saying, "Good morning", "Great Job" or "Nice work".

Yeah I know....this is extremely cheap but it will definitely put a smile on their faces! You're giving them the element of surprise. Just think of how surprised we are when we see that we've made more money than anticipated! Post away.