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Practical, rugged, and convenient – Driftmaster Fishing Rod Holders

Anglers live and die by their equipment. Take Jim Duckworth for example. He is a fishing guide in Tennessee. Like all fishing guides, Duckworth likes to install equipment that will make his, and his customers fishing day safe, productive and convenient. With an attitude like that it is no wonder that Driftmaster Rod Holders are part of his gear.

Stand up holders give the angler another hand.
Stand up holders give the angler another hand.
Ron Presley
Jim Duckworth likes the convenience built into Driftmaster products.
Ron Presley

Duckworth especially likes the fact that the product comes from a family business where family values are reflected in the end product. “The parent company is Black River Tools,” states Duckworth. “They make other products, like garden tools and bird houses that are unbelievable. Calvin Baynard started the company and his son David runs it now. They build value and usefulness into all their products, including the rod holders.”

Duckworth’s boat is decked out with different Driftmaster products. Individual rod holders are found on all sides of his boat. He likes rod holders that include a vertical rest. Driftmaster builds it in to some models and also produces an add on accessory called a Rod Rester that will give you the convenience of standing your rod vertically. “I love being able to stand my rod straight up when my rig is out of the water,” says Duckworth. “Those vertical rod holders give you another hand to fix a tangle, bait a hook or remove a fish.” (See photo)

Duckworth is also partial to the Driftmaster storage systems that allow easy access and secure storage. The storage systems are elevated making them convenient to use and some models have locking mechanisms for when the rods are unattended.

“It is nice to have that rod 12 inches off the floor. I can reach down and easily pick one up when I need it. Plus, I can lay one down easily without having to go all the way to the deck. When I am travelling, I go in to pay for my gas or go into a restaurant, my rods are locked and secure. I don’t have to worry about it. Also if it is raining the rod is not setting on wet carpet. It is up high and dries quickly.”

When it comes to fishing Duckworth may be chasing anything from crappie to stripers. That is exactly why he choses Driftmaster. “If you use anything else a striper will break it. I had some plastic ones 20-plus years ago and I got in a school of big stripers. Two of my rod holders broke and I lost my high dollar rods and reels. They were 7000 ABU reels and I cried all the way home like the little pig.”

Driftmaster Rod Holders are designed with longevity and durability built in.

“We design our products to last a long time, being used by a good size man on a rough day. You never know what he might grab during the trip,” says Driftmaster owner David Baynard. “We don’t want anything breaking because it is not strong enough.”

Driftmaster designs have an eye for the angler, but also for the fact that people use their boats for different things. The result is a product line that can be easily removed from the boat. When the family goes water skiing they don’t need the various rod holders and accessories cluttering up the boat. With Driftmaster that is not a problem, since they can be taken off in minutes.

Driftmaster products are American made in South Carolina and carry a lifetime unconditional warranty. “If any of our products ever break just send it to us and get a new one,” says Baynard. “We do not require a receipt or proof of purchase. We know that it’s ours and if it broke we are going to stand behind it.”

“They are the best and strongest built rod holders on the market,” says Duckworth, “and they have one for every kind of fishing there is.”

For information on Driftmaster and Black River Tools visit the website at or call 803-473-4927.

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