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Practical Metaphysics

Let me get that for you...
Let me get that for you...
Bud Frend

Practical metaphysics is when you discover there is present all around you the Intelligence of the Universe, the Universal Mind, the Mind of God or Cosmic Consciousness. This power you then come to know is also inside of you.

To make direct contact with this Cosmic Force you must go deep within yourself and still your mind. To make this mystical experience practical it must be applied to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Petition the Universal Mind of God for what you want. Ask for it in an expecting way knowing that the details are not important but the emotion behind your request is everything.

There are many people who can talk for hours about metaphysics and yet are sick, broke and unhappy. The real mystic has learned to demonstrate this power in their life and in the lives of those close to them.