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Practical and convenient travel - TrailManor travel trailers

The TrailManor is a smarter way of thinking about travel trailers.
The TrailManor is a smarter way of thinking about travel trailers.
Jimmy Jacobs

One important aspect of any outdoor travel adventure is where are you going to stay? Quite often it is possible to find yourself in places where accommodations are lacking or non-existent. For such times a travel trailer or RV is the answer.

TrailManor manufactures their trailers in Jacksboro, Tennessee.
Jimmy Jacobs

Of course, those have their drawbacks as well. They can be cumbersome to store, heavy to pull, difficult to set up and expensive to tow. There is, however, an alternative that offers you the freedom needed for back country travel, but without the drawbacks.

TrailManor manufactures a travel trailer designed to overcome all the problems noted earlier. A TrailManor travel trailer provides plenty of room, but is light enough to be towed by a minivan or SUV.

Yet, its unique system of folding allows it to fit into a standard home garage. Even better, there is no wrestling with cranks and bed supports when setting it up. The average time for setting up is only two minutes!

As to the expense, the TrailManor is so light that towing one adds just one gallon to your gas consumption for each 100 miles traveled.

The TrailManor comes in five models offering a total of 15 different floor plans. All of these are manufactured in the company’s Jacksboro, Tennessee facility. The trailers offer a wide array of standard features, along with special options.