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Powerman 5000's 'Builders of the Future' a solid album and return to PM5K roots

Boston-founded Powerman 5000 has come out with its tenth album since its inception titled Builders of the Future. Released in May of 2014, this latest album follows a thematic science-fiction bend that is true to the band's image. With song titles like "This is How to be a Human" and "Invade, Destroy, Repeat," it plays like the soundtrack to the staging and execution of an alien invasion of Earth and not accidentally.

Current lineup of Powerman 5000
Courtesy of Fresno Media USA

Spider One, fans know him as the guy who started the band and has managed to keep it going through an insane number of lineup changes, spoke to Yahoo! Music about the band, the album and the release of the first video from Builders of the Future. He said, "We've replanted our flag as the weird, sci-fi, electronic band. This is what we are. This is what we do best. This is clearly what people like from us the most, too." Thank the gods of metal and sci-fi! It is what people like from Powerman 5000 and Spider One wasn't kidding when he said Builders of the Future is in line with what we have seen from the band in the past. Fellow band members bassist X51, guitarist Zer0, drummer DJ Rattan and rhythm guitarist Nick Quijano fall right into step with Spider regardless of their experience cranking out space-y electronic tunes that are hard enough to be classed as metal.

Builders of the Future starts with the fast, pulsing and effectively repetitive "Invade, Destroy, Repeat." This song belongs on a movie soundtrack and if history is any indication, it will likely wind up somewhere in sports, video games and other popular media. "This is How to be a Human" has the same catchiness while offering up some strange aspects of humanity that will resonate with the hard partying scene that tends to gravitate toward PM5K. Many of the tracks will appeal to fans that were roped in by Tonight the Stars Revolt!. However, there are also some new sounds like the eerie and stylistically attractive tune "I Want to Kill You." Need an anthem for a dysfunctional relationship like "This Love" by Pantera? Here is the softer side of romantic hatred backed by sci-fi move sound effects. Yeah, PM5K is just that cool.

Fans in the Boston area will be psyched to know that the locally loved band will be playing at Palladium in Worcester on August 16, 2014 in support of this triumph of an album. Looking for a fix now? The video for "This is How to be a Human" is available to watch now and more are sure to follow. Oh, and Builders of the Future is definitely worth picking up from Amazon or iTunes.

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