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Powerful Ways to Get More Happy and Healthy

Getting older and aging can be a difficult thing. Some people worry about getting older and they fear it. But getting older will often make you wiser. In the spirit of growing smarter here are life lessons you can only learn, as you get older.

1. Let Go of Regrets, They Are Lessons
Everything and everyone you meet can be consider a learning experience. The troubles we go through can help us be stronger and more connected to our true self. What may feel like a set back could actually be divine intervention. It is your future self-saying, hey hone, let’s go another route.

If you experience regrets often, consider focusing on the situation and what you learned from it. This exercise can help you remove barriers to being happier.

2. Relax
Taking time to relax is essential for your overall wellbeing. You can relax by going for a nature walk, watching TV, reading or siting with a furry friend. Spending time with loved ones can also relax your soul. If you are stressed in certain situations, relaxing can help. There are many tools to help you relax. Essential oils are a wonderful way to calm down. Lavender is a scent that can help you relax. “Many doctors and dentists are using essential oils to help calm patients,” says Dr. Bruno da Costa a dentist in Beaverton.

This is aroma therapy and it can help ease concerns as well as anxiety.

3. Learn No
Yes we have heard just say no to drugs and things that can hurt our health, but saying no to demands and requests can actually help us maintain balance. Sometimes we over extend ourselves and we sacrifice our own needs. Saying no can help you stay strong and healthy.

4. Ask More Questions
There are things we can't control that will hurt or be amazing, but they Most people take new jobs or get into new relationships with out asking a lot of questions. It is important to ask questions, because you can learn faster. Asking people questions about a situation can help you get more perspective. If you are looking for answers, ask your self first, then if you don’t know seek out help. Many people do not ask questions and end up learning the hard way that things take more time. Always ask questions when it comes to your health. If you visit a doctor or go to your dentist and they tell that you NEED a health procedure, ask why and learn about the situation,” says a Portland OR Dentist, Dr. McDowell.

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