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Powered drinks now include alcohol among their ranks

A company called Palcohol has turned your favorite variety of alcohol into a powered form. All it takes is a packet one of the six different types of Palcohol powered packets and five ounces of water and you have a beverage that you can enjoy.
The six different varieties that it comes in are:
1. Rum
2. Vodka
3. Cosmopolitan
4. Mojito
5. Margarita
6. Lemon Drop

You can of course add your favorite mixer to one of the varieties and enjoy your own personal mixed beverage. Each individual packet is the equivalent to one shot of the chosen variety and weighs approximately one ounce.
Palcohol hopes to market the powered drink packets to those active individuals such as people who are camping, biking, and hiking. According to their website they have also have all ready been asked if it is okay to snort. The answer the company has come out and said is a no followed by a second and third no. The culinary world has all ready been trying to figure out what they can do with the new flavor profiles that they can create with the packets.
Palcohol is currently seeking approval from the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau; however, before the you get to buy the product each individual state needs to allow the sale of such a new product as well.
There are a number of people that do not want to see the powered drinks every hit the market. The fear of many is the fact that it will be easier to sneak into venues (though a packet will be 4"x6" in size) , it will be easier to spike a drink and of course many people think that it markets well towards kids and that they will think the beverage is for them and not understand that its only for adults.
Palcohol comes back and says that they have many different types of applications that can their product can be used for such as:
Commercial Applications
• Medical Applications
• Aviation Applications
• Manufacturing Applications
• Food Application
So despite whether you think this product is right or wrong, it is here and it looks like it will be here for some time. Enjoy your drink and please drink safe.

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