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Golf Acquires some UFC Edge

Who says Golf and MMA make Strange Bedfellows?
Who says Golf and MMA make Strange Bedfellows?

As far as golf’s symbiotic relationships with other sports goes, fellow country club staple tennis is a bosom buddy and ball and stick brethren hockey and baseball are cousins twice removed. During lessons with newbies golf pros often seek common ground by finding corollaries in stance or swing to games their pupil is has a greater degree of familiarity with. Odds are if someone talking up golf told their instructor their number one sport is MMA, the teacher would draw a blank as far as making a helpful connection.

Mixed Martial Arts might as well as be in another galaxy than golf. Other than taking lots of swings butt whupping and sinking putts appear to have little in common. Equipment stalwart PowerBilt has guillotine choked conventional wisdom by signing UFC star Cub Swanson to promote their edgy nitrogen charged club technology.

“We are breaking the mold of who golf companies should endorse," explained Powerbilt president Ross Kvinge.

The company which been in the golf club mix since 1916 will announce a new fitness program later this year aimed at helping golfers get their game’s “power-built from the ground up.”

With the current crop of PGA players looking fitter than ever and the sport re-entering the Olympic equation starting in Brazil in 2016, Powerbilt feels its as good a time as any to draw on the similarly fitness fixated action sports demo.

In addition to MMA fighters Powerbilt plans on bringing snowboarders, surfers and BMX riders into their fold in the future.

Their latest Air Force One DFX driver features MMA friendly “nitrogen charged” tech, using the gas to increase the strength of the clubface without adding heft.

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