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Powerball jackpot winner: 75 y/o plays fortune cookie numbers, wins Powerball

A Powerball jackpot winner has a fortune cookie to thank. According to a video report by Newsfix, 75-year-old Emma Duvoll of New York decided to take her "fortune" to another level. You know those "lucky numbers" on the back of your "fortune"? Well Duvoll played them -- and she won! Five of the numbers she played were a match and she won Powerball.

Devoll won a $2 million jackpot prize thanks to her "lucky numbers" which evidently really were lucky! Devoll says that she doesn't think that what she did was crazy and that people have "probably done that before." And she's right. A lot of people do play the numbers that are inside a fortune cookie -- why not, right? And now that someone has actually won? Perhaps more people will be bringing their small rectangular fortunes to the corner store.

Much of Duvoll's Powerball jackpot winnings will be invested but she says that she may use some to take a trip to Switzerland where she has family.

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