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Powerball jackpot $284M: Will a winner finally take it all?

Powerball jackpot $284M: Will a winner finally take it all?
Powerball jackpot $284M: Will a winner finally take it all?
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Powerball jackpot jumps to $284 million. The last time the jackpot reached these heights was in 2013. According to I4U Feb. 10, ten new millionaires were made on Saturday night.

Ten winners had matched the first five numbers of a prize worth one million dollars.

Powerball jackpot winner would need to match all five numbers plus the Powerball to take the top prize home. The lump sum cash payment option is worth $162.7 million this time around. A lucky winner in high-tax California is exempt from state and local taxes if they win the big jackpot. They would only be responsible for paying Uncle Sam his due.

The winning numbers for Saturday night's Powerball jackpot were 24,25,34,37, and 54, plus the Powerball number was 29 with a Power Play of 2. The Power Play multiplier kicks in when a player is willing to spend $3 instead of the usual $2 fee per ticket.

Powerball is available to folks in 43 states currently. The next state to get on board will be Wyoming. Read more about the Powerball Jackpot from this author in "Powerball jackpot zooms to $194 million."

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