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Powerade ingredient pulled: Brominated vegetable oil phased out by Coca-Cola

The Powerade ingredient BVO is now being removed
The Powerade ingredient BVO is now being removed
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A controversial Powerade ingredient is being dropped from the sports drink by Coca-Cola. Brominated vegetable oil has come under fire by many over the past year or so, and PepsiCo removed it from their Gatorade last year. FOX News shares the details.

At the time that PepsiCo decided to pull BVO out of its Gatorade last year, Coca-Cola stayed mum about whether it would remove the Powerade ingredient as well. This week some flavors sold in some markets are now without the BVO, but it seems it is still in the process of being phased out entirely.

A Coca-Cola representative says that the controversial Powerade ingredient has been removed from all of its brands, but details were not revealed regarding when all of the product in stores would reflect the change. Brominated vegetable oil is said to be a stabilizer for favoring oils, but it is also linked to a flame retardant. It is approved for use by the FDA, but is not approved in the European Nation or Japan.

It is said that a teenager in Mississippi initiated the drive that has now led to the Powerade ingredient being removed. The teenager, Sarah Kavanagh, says that she was looking at the sports drinks in particular because they are targeted toward athletes who likely pay more attention to what they put in their bodies than average consumers. Her petitions garnered more than 250,000 signatures and certainly drove the parent companies to make changes.

Now that the Gatorade and Powerade ingredient has been removed, perhaps other drinks utilizing brominated vegetable oil will follow suit.