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Power words to add to your cover letter or resume

OMG might be included in the Oxford Dictionary, but text-speak isn't permitted on a resume or cover letter. We're going to look at what cover letters and resumes accomplish when submitted to your hiring audience.

Use the thesaurus button to come up with more words to use for your cover letter or resume

Cover letter

  • Demonstration of your writing ability
  • States the job you want and why you're a good fit for the company
  • Provides insight into the applicant's character if a brief experience is provided. The experience gets extra points if it encompasses the applicant's selling points that lead to looking at the resume.


  • Outline of relevant experience
  • Use of bullet points (no more than 3) illustrates why the experience fits into the industry and demonstrates the needed skills for the job applied for.
  • Provides discussion topics for the interview.

Writing and communication skills should be included on either your cover letter or resume. To boost your application, use verbiage directly from the job posting. Try inserting these additional power words into your cover letter or resume to stand out from the crowd. Going onto and using the thesaurus is an easy way to get more power words. Be careful not to make up terminology or make verbs into nouns to sound smarter. Take Stephen Fry's view on using language.

Power Verbs

  • collaborated
  • consulted
  • organized
  • promoted
  • developed
  • implemented
  • demonstrated

Power Nouns

  • finesse
  • project management
  • system
  • structure
  • technology
  • plan
  • improvement

Power Adverbs

  • successfully
  • strategically
  • independently
  • tactfully
  • creatively
  • diligently
  • effectively
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