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Power up your weight loss by using Pinterest: 'How to Pin Your Way Thin'

Numerous studies have shown that support groups, whether virtual via social media or real world groups, can help boost weight loss. Now a new book is emphasizing the benefits of using Pinterest for that purpose: "The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin" (click for ordering information).

Can you pin your way thin? See the article for the answer.
Mitzi Dulan

In a column for Fox News, author Mitzi Dulan explained her tips for weight loss via Pinterest.

"I suggest creating boards on Pinterest to fill with images and information that match your goals," she says.

Among her board ideas for inspiration:

1. The MSF (Most Satisfying Foods) Factor Foods Board: Included foods contain protein, healthy fats and protein, such as chicken breast and avocados.

2. Workout Plans Board: Use for inspiration, products and exercise plans.

3. Daily Inspiration Board: "I love trying to challenge myself to constantly do better in many different ways. Looking at my Daily Inspiration Board each morning puts me in a mindset of gratitude," says Mitzi.

4. In-The-Know Board: "This board includes all things healthy. For example, you might see a fantastic article online about sleep–pin it to this board. One of my most popular pins on this board shows exactly why different parts of your body need water to function optimally. You can pin your favorite health-related news articles and blogs, nutrition charts, cooking tips and health-related infographics."

5. Favorite Products Board: Which food and fitness gadgets do you love? Pin them here.

Get more information about Mitzi's book by clicking here for "The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin."

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