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Power up with fuel cells

So, we’ve heard about electric vehicles. Tesla’s, Volts, Leafs, and Prius Plug-In’s are just a few of the popular “green” vehicles. We know electric vehicle production and sales will continue to progress but, is that all that our future holds? Let’s look at fuel cell production that will be here sooner than most people know.

So, just what is fuel cell power? Basically, hydrogen gas is combined with oxygen from the air inside a fuel cell. This produces water and creates energy. Now, just one fuel cell cannot create enough power to run a car, house, etc., so multiple cells are needed. The fuel cell stack is layers of multiple cells and has great energy potential. To learn more about fuel cell power, visit

So, what about fuel cell powered vehicles? Toyota revealed their concept car recently at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, 2013 and announced that they will start selling it in the U.S. in 2015. Hyundai is planning on production soon. They are taking pre-production sign-up, visit for more information. Honda introduced its first hydrogen powered vehicle in 2005 in Southern California.

So, fuel cell vehicles may have a greater impact upon our culture than electric vehicles. It takes only ten minutes to pump hydrogen into a car compared to a few hours it takes to power an electric car. When fueling stations become equipped with hydrogen pumps, consumers will likely flock to these zero-emission vehicles and adopt a greener lifestyle.

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