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Power Racing: Kiddie Car Racing for Adults

So it is winter-time in Nashville, and although the weather today (and yesterday) seems almost spring-time, we hear that old man winter will be back, but we hope not for long. We want to get outside and work in the yard and maybe grow some tomatoes and such in the back garden space.

Looking around for some Nashville sports on the horizon, we see the Nashville Sounds advertising and showing off their upcoming calendar which we will have to feature in a future article. But in the meantime, we have found an exciting sport that we can do when we get tired of watching the NASCAR races (which is one of our favorite things to do this time of year). We can go into Power Racing, which is kiddie car racing adventures for grownups.

In the attached video you will find more about this exciting sport, in the video titled: 'Power Racing: Kiddie Car Racing for Adults', you will learn about the adventuresome idea of grown men driving kid-sized vehicles in a rush of 'speed, glory, and electrical fires'.

What is Power Racing you may ask? Remember power wheels? There is drag racing, and perhaps 15 laps which are run at speeds up to 24 miles per hours. Not quite NASCAR style, you say? Don't tell that to these guys who are putting their hearts (and bodies) into these small-sized kiddie cars, motorcycles and anything they can do to make it better and run better is what you can look for in this exciting sport.

Leave us a note and let us know if you've been to or participated in one of the Power Racing events. We've looked for one near Nashville, but looks like we'd have to travel Kansas City or Ft. Wayne for the closest event to us. You can find out more at Power Racing Series if you are interested in this kiddie car motorsport racing.

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