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Powered parachutes offer inexpensive flying

Fun to fly - a powered parachute
Fun to fly - a powered parachute

The cost of flying an own little plane becomes more and more difficult for most people. Therefore, alternatives - such as power parachuting - are popular.

An interesting example is the Six Chuter P3 Lite - designed for the pilot who wants to fly within the requirements of the FAA part 103 Ultra-light Regulations. The 103 series is designed as a down sized legend with the same benefits of the legend airframe, but within Part 103 weight limitations.

Interestingly, equipped with a 360-400’ canopy the climb and cruise performance will match that of a two seat powered parachute with a 500’ canopy. The P103 UL meets the FAR weight limits even with fiberglass seat, making it one of the few truly legal single seaters on the market.

This model comes with several equipment packages and can even be built and certified as an SLSA for Sport Pilot training and rental. Upgraded with frontal bars, three blade prop and larger canopy an experimental or special light sport certified single seat is great for a training fleet, or a more cost effective option to pilots who mainly want to fly solo, but without some of the weight and fuel restrictions of the ultralight rules.

Complete specifics are available on manufacturer's website.