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Power of The Mind Versus The Power of Faith

Power of the Mind Versus the Power of Faith
Power of the Mind Versus the Power of Faith

Mankind has unveiled a staggering amount of invaluable information about the human brain. And there is no doubt that much of this discovery has risen in honest efforts to help cure diseases, promote well-being, and understand human behavior for the benefit of us all. However it is also quite evident that the scientific community has still simply managed to scratch the surface of the brain’s capabilities and workings. And one of the greatest mysteries that still baffle scientists is the existence and functioning of the “mind”. We must remember that the mind itself cannot be examined under a microscope like the brain.

The mind seems to be the captain of the brain so-to-speak. And regardless of the complexity of a computer it still depends on a programmer to operate; so in simple terms the mind runs the brain. “Joyce Meyer”: famous Christian teacher and author describes the mind as “spirit added to brain”. This is a beautiful way to describe it. You see God is a spirit and in Genesis we read that “God breathed life into the man”. He literally gave man a spirit; this is not something that can be fully understood but nonetheless one cannot deny the existence of mind and spirit; it is an actual scientific fact!

But one must also realize that man himself did not create the mind or the spirit. It is totally God-given and therefore beyond our true understanding. The Bible has much to say about the human mind and God’s mind. The Bible says that “God thoughts are as high as the heavens higher than our thoughts”. After all God is God and thinks accordingly while humans continue to think as mere men. So what is it that causes man to believe that he can fully understand the mystery of the brain and mind? Does he truly feel that he will uncover the nature of reality using his own mind and resources? Can man understand the mind with a mind? As Christians we need to realize that the Bible teaches about God’s will and man’s will. In the beginning man and God enjoyed a perfect harmonious relationship but something happened, sin entered the world through the disobedience of eating the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:3). Now man’s eyes (mind) were opened to evil; and as a result, sinful ways were destined to follow.

Now please understand that it isn’t against God’s will to learn and discover more about the human brain and mind. This kind of study should actually develop in us a reverence for God’s amazing creation. This wonderful research is essential and has yielded beautiful results in society for the benefit of mankind. However if one elevates himself above God by claiming that man created everything including God, than this becomes pride and pride ultimately leads to a downfall. The Bible says that Christians are to be led by the spirit of God; this means that we will not always understand God’s will with our senses or human mind. And over and over in the Bible we see God commanding people to do things that were totally against their natural senses. For example God told Moses to hold a stick over the soldiers in battle to gain victory; now how could this be understood in natural terms? And this kind of occurrence is repeated constantly throughout the Bible; it helps us to understand that Faith is what pleases God and moves his hand in our lives.

Maybe you feel as if you will never have true peace of mind or calmness. Listen friend God cares so much that he gave his only begotten son to save you! You personally were bought with a high price; this fact should give you a real God-based self-esteem. Jesus loves you! Accept him today!

By Gordon E. Dawe