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Power of prayer – now or later

“I wonder if people really pray for me when they say they will, or when I ask them to pray? Just wondering.” This was a question that one of my comrades had asked online and the response that they received was interesting.

When is it time to pray?  Don't miss your opportunity!
/ ZazzleCa
Pray now and don't wait until later
/ Norman Rockwell

Sometimes a person may need to audibly hear you call out to God on their behalf. I imagine that some telephone prayer lines that you call probably have ‘prayer warriors’ (people who love to speak with God) on-deck to answer the phone. You tell them the situation and they begin to invoke to Father God right then & there.

We never know if the person, who requests prayer, may be hanging onto that last ray of hope. If we put them on hold, the devil then has the opportunity to fulfill his desire to ‘take them out’ (suicide etc.).

Corporate prayer, and prayer chains are good, and should always be a means to reach God in times of adoration (telling God how good He’s been), thanksgiving (letting Him know how grateful we are for what He has done and will do), and some supplication (requesting mercy, guidance or intervention), nonetheless, there is nothing like a one-on-one, right-then-and-there prayer.

Oh, and you may not have time to go into your ‘prayer closet’ or hold off until later. You may wonder, “Well what if I’m in a restaurant, a crowd or a public place (restroom) – I can’t pray with another person who has a problem.” Yes you can! When you notice a person crying, you might want to ask them if you may pray with them, but don’t just leave them & walk away. As said before, you may be that person’s last earthly resort. You are a means, or the avenue that he or she might need to get to Father God, who is the source or the answer to their situation.

So next time you receive the opportunity or privilege to pray for someone, depend on the Holy Spirit for a little brief advice and ‘go for it’. Don’t get too deep. The person may or may not tell you exactly what’s wrong, but don’t ever regret not trying to help in their time of need.

OBTW, the person who inspired this post was fine and just wondering, yet their thought may have inspired all of us to consider, “What Would We Do?” to assist someone else. Also, one last tidbit, yes, we can pray over the internet as well as the phone and – in person.

With over 500 references to prayer in the Bible, it must mean something.

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