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Power, Energy, Vibration, and Flow

All physical matter is made up of energy. Everything that exists in the physical world, including ourselves, is made up of very tiny energy units. In each one of these energy units is a store of immense power and each unit vibrates with the frequency of that power.

Everything has an energy field, or aura as it is called, which is the Life-Force that flows through it. The aura is actually the true thing and the visible form is the expression or image of it – very much as we share the One Spirit, which is Holy, our bodies are merely an image of that true nature – the concentrated aura of anything is the clump of matter which we see and call rock, or cat, or Johnny. These bodies of matter are created by the aura and are contained within the aura’s vibration. The body of matter looks very distinct and separate from all other things, yet the aura that contains the body reaches to all points all over the entire existence of being. All Life-Force is shared, there is only One of it, and it is channeled in places to create visible, concentrated bits of Itself.

We ARE all One because we are not separate from anything or anyone in anyway. As we begin to know, feel, and demonstrate the knowledge and experience of this Oneness, we can see the World of Form for what it really is: A dance of energy, which flows endlessly in and through all things. Our bodies have little to do with how big we really are; complete awareness that we are simply the energy that animates the body is a freedom to create beyond our believed, but conceived conditions. Once we see that we and everything else carries an energy register, which is read at a level of vibration, we can than respond to things at that level – the level of energy that is behind what we see (it is the place that brings all things into physical being: emotions, actions, conversation, fear, attacks, theft, kindness, and giving all come from our conscious belief about what we are{energy register} and our choice about what we are going to be in any given moment{energy transfer}). Dealing with things in this way allows us to be free of reacting to form and, instead, adjust Flow by changing our vibration.

As Conscious Beings, we have a large role to play in how we choose to use, harness, and view the power that comes through us. As stated earlier, we are made up of energy units, each containing the ability to transfer great power; we have the opportunity to grow with and in this power to achieve anything we choose (remember it is all energy and it can all be manipulated, which is the creation process). In choosing to demonstrate and come from a place of Loving Kindness in all we do, we change our vibration to the most harmonious state it can be. As a result of creating Love within our Energy Field we project outward through Concentrated Form (our body) toward others and the rest of the Universe creating a change in Flow: Resulting in a greater frequency of Love returning (do onto others because they are you). In common terms, as we send out good vibes we get them back. Meditation is the key to unlocking our true self (aura) from the belief that we are only the body. Once liberated from this belief of being a Body-Being and seeing that we are a Being who is currently animating a body, we can create freely knowing that it is all about which level we choose to vibrate (with what type of energy {Love, Peace, Healing, Joy, Hurt, Hate, Greed, Fear} remember we can choose any of it because we are All of It).

(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)



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