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Power 90 in home boot camp: part three

Power 90 Phase 3-4
Power 90 Phase 3-4 (photo: Lucinda May)

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Power 90 Phase 3-4 is used starting at Week 3 or 4 of the twelve week program, depending upon your fitness level and goals.  The workouts are a bit longer and include more targeting exercises.

Sculpt 3-4 - Equipment needed: dumbbells and/or resistance bands, towel, water.

Other than the demonstrators, this workout is extremely similar to Phase 1-2.  A few more challenging moves are tossed in to vary up the routine as well as an increase in reps.  Where things get really different is in the last ten minutes of the workout.  There are some shoulder exercises, calf raises, and lower back extensions, to name a few.

Sweat 3-4 and Ab Ripper 200 - Equipment needed: towel, water, and the optional taped X on the floor for step work.

Tony Horton has the right idea with stretching and moving into power yoga.  The body gets nicely warmed up for the rest of the cardio exercises.  Sweat 3-4 has a quicker tempo but you always have the option (and are encouraged) to go at your own pace.  Each section includes three exercises repeated three times.  Even though the purpose of the workout is cardio, your muscles will be feeling this too.  Tony regularly gives tips on how to make the workout harder to challenge yourself. 

After the cool down and stretch is Ab Ripper 200.  This section is exactly the same as Ab Ripper 100, except you are now doing the 10 exercises at 20 reps.

The only downside to Phase 3-4 is that you spend about six to eight weeks with it and you may find yourself growing tired of the routines.  Stick with it!  Increase your weights, change your resistance band, and push yourself to do more reps.  The only way to fight boredom is to find new ways to challenge your body.

Check back later for the final installment discussing the Power 90 Fat Burning Express workout.