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Power 90 in home boot camp: part one


Power 90 is an in-home boot camp designed by Tony Horton, a certified fitness trainer.   Tony has transformed many lives with his programs, including those of celebrities.  

Released several years ago, Power 90 is a full body workout where each exercise isolates a specific area to tone muscle and burn fat.  It is designed to be used six days a week for 90 days and the results are worth the commitment.  For those looking to get in shape but aren’t ready for a hard core program, this is for you.

Power 90 comes with seven cardio and sculpting workouts on three DVDs.

  • The first DVD is Phase 1-2 and includes: Sculpt 1-2, Sweat 1-2, and Ab Ripper 100.  This is where you learn the program and become familiar with the exercises used.  Proper form is shown along with different techniques depending upon if you are using dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • The second DVD is Phase 3-4 and has Sculpt 3-4, Sweat 3-4, and Ab Ripper 200.  These workouts are a bit longer and build upon what was learned in Phase 1-2.
  • The third DVD is Fat Burning Express.  It is a quick 35 minute workout combining moves that are for sculpting and cardio.

Power 90 is sold through and retails for about $60 (plus shipping).   In addition to the DVDs, the program comes with a booklet explaining what to do day to day, a 90 day calendar to track and help keep you motivated, a fat burning meal plan, and a sculpting resistance band.

Look for the next installment which will discuss how to get started with Phase 1-2 in more detail.