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Powdered alcohol will soon be for sale in the US

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In a surprising move, the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), granted approval for the sale of powdered alcohol-- called palcohol, by the company of the same name, that makes the product.

The powder is simply mixed with water, creating an alcoholic beverage for consumption. Palcohol, initially, will offer six version; some straight and some mix-drink varieties. According to the website: margaritas, mojitos, cosmopolitans, lemon drop, rum, and vodka will be the first offerings.

Fed approval aside, many are warning about the dangers, particular with young people (teens) and access to a sweet mix-drink powder.

Surprising, even the company's website, which since has been cleaned up, offered some irresponsible uses for it products., previously, seem to suggest that this would be a good way to sneak alcohol into the movie theaters and sports venues. The website slogan for a period was "take your Pal wherever you go!".

Although the website does speak out against attempting to snort the powder as a way to get "buzzed" quicker and even posts a warning message about the dangers of attempting such an act.

There are some responsible recommendations and uses for powdered alcohol. The website states that it can be an alternative to adding liquor to food; powdered rum in the BBQ sauce, an easier way to make a rum cake, or see how delicious guacamole taste with a mixed-drink powder added.


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