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Powdered alcohol possible abuse? Snorting powder causes 'a lot of pain'

Powdered alcohol gets the OK from federal goverment, but still a few hurdles to go before it hits the stores in the fall.
Powdered alcohol gets the OK from federal goverment, but still a few hurdles to go before it hits the stores in the fall.
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Powdered alcohol might make a lot of sense to some, but it still sounds a bit bizarre to others. Alcohol in a powdered form, which is called Palcohol, is due to hit the stores this fall. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved this substance, which will come in a variety of flavors and all you need to do is add water, much like a grown-up version of Kool-Aid, according to Fox News on Monday April 21.

The Mediate website today suggests that whether you are for or against powdered alcohol, you have to admit “it’s an intriguing idea.” Will Palcohol change the language for mixing up a drink? Instead of pouring yourself a cold one, will people now say powder me up a drink? The website for the Palcohol product is already pitching the product.

They offer a variety of powdered alcohol products including, Palcohol Rum, Palcohol Vodka and Palcohol Kamikaze. Already the thought of snorting this substance has come up and for good reason. People are crushing narcotic pain killers and snorting them for the high, so why not powdered alcohol? It is already offered in the right consistency to snort, it's a powder. You just know that someone out there is sure to give it a go.

Apparently if you did snort this new powdered product, you will be in excruciating pain. The Palcohol website addresses this saying that if you tried to snort the product “You will feel a lot of pain for very little gain.” Will that stop the thrill seekers out there from trying to experience powdered alcohol by putting it up their nose? Probably not, but if that pain is as excruciating as it sounds, it probably won’t turn into a trend.

The Verge reports that there are various industries that are invested in keeping powdered alcohol off the shelves. Although it has passed the big hurdle of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, there’s still the state regulations and then of course the retailers and wholesalers who will need to agree to offer the product to their customers.

The up side of this powdered alcohol is that it is not heavy to carry around. Think of all the bottles and cans that this will save. This new product has 74% alcohol by volume for their rum product and the vodka powders in with 65% alcohol by volume. Liquorland has Absolut Vodka at 40% volume, so the powdered alcohol isn’t going to be a weaker form of product.

The Palcohol website claims that this new product was basically created out of necessity. The creator is Mark Phillips, who along with enjoying a few drinks likes to go hiking, biking, kayaking and camping. Taking along alcohol is cumbersome, it is heavy and takes up a lot of room. One package only weighs an ounce and it will fit into your pocket. This is the way to go for active people. The powdered alcohol is due to hit the stores this fall.

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