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Powder Tip: How to find a ski in powder snow

Losing a ski in powder is not fun.  Follow these simple tips to help you find your ski faster.
Losing a ski in powder is not fun. Follow these simple tips to help you find your ski faster.
Kevin Jordan

A historic storm that dropped more than 30 inches of snow in Colorado has created some amazing snow conditions - powder! Some places like Aspen/Snowmass received 24 inches in 24 hours and it continued to snow! Aspen received 33 inches over 48 hours and 37 inches over the past 7 days. To say that conditions are "sick" is an understatement!

With all that snow, it can be hard to find your ski in the event of a fall and it comes off. Here are a couple of quick tips that can help you find your ski faster in deep powder snow.

  • Your ski may be downhill from you. In the event of a fall, your ski might come off and still travel downhill. It may be in front of where you fell versus back uphill from you.
  • Use your other ski to "sweep". If only one ski has come off and you still have the other ski attached, take that ski off. Use it like a broom to "sweep" the snow (see photo) and it will help you find the missing ski that much faster. If you try to use your poles, it will take longer. Plus, your ski has a larger surface area than your poles.
  • Wear powder straps. On deep snow days, powder straps are a product that attach to the brake of your bindings and are a fluorescent ribbon. Should your ski come off in a fall, the bright, visible straps will show you wear your missing ski is located. The powder strap can be loosely tucked up in the cuff of your pants.
  • Make a platform. Once you locate your missing ski. Pack down the snow with your skis, making a platform and put your downhill ski on first. You will be back skiing the powder in no time!

Let's face it, losing a ski in powder is a bummer. It holds up you and your friends. Follow these simple tips and you will have a more enjoyable powder day. Plus, it is better than waiting until Spring to find the missing ski or skis!

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