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Pow Wow Days are upon us

A walk on the "wild" side.
A walk on the "wild" side.

When like minds get together for a brainstorming session, only good things can result.

The first Paranormal Pow Wow of 2014 will be held February 22nd in Fort Wayne, Indiana at Qui’s Restaurant & Lounge—a restaurant specializing in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, and site for former Pow Wows in the area.

The evening is sponsored by The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers/ParaSisters, with the consistent mission statement, “To bring teams together in unity, truth, and support.”

Guest speakers will be Redford Area Paranormal Silencers (R.A.P.S)—a Christian-based investigative team out of Redford, Michigan (Detroit) and founded by two ordained ministers.

The scheduled topic for discussion will be:

Paranormal Teams—Are these Ghosts or Demonic? How to determine if it is indeed a demonic case or rather just a cry for help or attention.

It is a timely and important subject in the realm of paranormal investigations…and one that has received its fair share of public attention as of late. Come with an open mind, and be prepared to think outside the box and share experiences and resources in this possible “dark side” of ghost hunting.

The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers (FWSC) is based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and has covered the northern Indiana area since their formation in early 2011. The three ladies of the “original” ParaSisters are investigators with FWSC…effectively combining two teams into one.

Enjoy an evening of good food and even better discussion as we explore this topic that may at some point hold ramifications for paranormal investigative teams. It all starts at 6:00 PM and is only a two hour drive northeast from Indianapolis

Qui’s Restaurant & Lounge, 11026 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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