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'Pound Salt'

Pounding salt the modern way
Pounding salt the modern way
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Pound Salt

Being a writer I sometimes get asked the craziest question because those asking it think I should know the answer to just about anything.

Several friends and I were eating lunch one day and, while talking, between bites of food, I was asked if I knew the meaning of the phrase “pound salt.” None of us at the table had a clue and I as ked in what context it had been used. The person inquiring said someone had called them and said only two words... “pound salt”... and then hung up. I told them I would go to my “always reliable, indisputable and non-exhaustible resource of all knowledge and wisdom” and find out for them... which I did.

The phrase “pound salt” is more than likely a derivative of the phrase “pound sand” which was a common saying back in the early 1900s in Midwestern America. Apparently those living at that time had a rodent problem and one way to solve it was to pound sand down a rat hole, and the job was usually assigned to someone without the sense or ability to do anything more meaningful. In other words, to blow somebody off instead of saying “get lost” or “don’t bother me” they would say “pound sand.” This says to me if someone tells you to “pound salt ” they could be telling you to “go fly a kite.” Of course, if anyone out there has another perspective on this phrase, please feel free to contact me and I’ll pass it on.

I was asked by another reader of my writings to suggest to those who might be guilty, “stop driving up the down lanes, or down the up lanes” when you enter a grocery store parking lot. Not only is it rude, crude and socially unacceptable, it is dangerous. You know who you are... so please stop?

My closing line for the day is one of edification and instruction on a new word, at least one to me. Poultrarian ... any guesses? This is a combination of the words poultry and vegetarian and it describes a person who will not eat meat, like a steak, but will lower himself/herself to eat chicken-stir-fried vegetables.

Let them eat cake!!

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