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Pouchee: the ultimate purse organizer

Joy Loredo

Making sure you pack every required baby item in a diaper bag is mandatory. An extra pair of clothes for your baby always comes in hand for those unfortunate diaper explosions and toys and books to keep them entertained are a must to pack. Let's not forget the essentials such as diapers, bottles, sunscreen and more. Wow, a parents diaper bag can get pretty overwhelming and enormous. Some mothers find it necessary to forgo a purse and just pack their wallet, cell phone and makeup bag in the diaper bag. However, most women will attest that their diaper bags or purses can be so much more simplified and organized if they didn't have to pack everything.

The idea of a purse or diaper bag organizer named the Pouchee  was created by Anita Crook on Christmas Eve 2004 when her son gave her a trendy shoulder bag with no outside or inside pockets. She loved the Christmas present but found that it was not ideal or practical to store all her belongings. She needed to create an inside organizer for such a big purse that was easily accessible to transport from purse to purse. Thus, the invention of the pouchee came about as the ultimate purse organizer and features ten outside pockets and five inside pockets to house a woman's credit cards, money, cell phone, pen, sunglasses and more.

The goal of the pouchee is to help a woman stay more organized and what better way to organize your diaper bag or purse than to buy one of these cool items. The original pouchee is 7.5" wide by 5.25" high and made of soft durable cotton. The original pouchee featured accent trim and a cute kangaroo logo with color selections such as khaki, red, pink, purple, green apple and more. For the fashion forward woman, the Crook reinvented a more vibrant color collection called the Posh collection
pouchee. The new pouchee patterns will add plenty of zest and color to your diaper bag and have whimsical patterns and perfect patterns of polka dots to choose from.

A great benefit to purchasing a pouchee is that each organizer has handy rings to quickly change from purses, handbags, diaper bags, bookbags,etc. The pouchee also has an inside zippered pocket for change, an expandable like quality so it takes up space proportional with how you place it in a bag and inside dividers to keep everything organized and neat. The pouchee retails for $24.00 and is a must for decluttering a diaper bag or purse.


  • Lucia 5 years ago

    I have this pouchee in green and love it! I wish they were less expensive though, because I would buy a few more.

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